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James McAvoy Wants to be the Riddler

The DCEU has been increasingly improving since the days of Batman v. Superman. With their reputation on the rise and Matt Reeve’s The Batman due to make more announcements any day now, it’s the perfect time for stars to start putting out their dream roles into the universe. While being interviewed live on Fandom James McAvoy stated that he would be willing to play the Riddler stating, “I’ve always thought DC does really good bad guys.”

If anyone was to take on this role he would be the one to do it. He has shown us how insane he can be in Split, a movie about multiple personality disorder. That move was such a great one and was made solely on his ability to act insane.

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The last time we saw a version of Edward Nygma on the big screen was Jim Carrey’s rendition in 1995’s Batman Forever. While that movie was beautiful with it’s lighting and set design, I never really got the impression that Batman was ever threatened by The Riddler. Carrey pulled off more of a wacky crazy and while that was fun for the time, especially because if you have watched the original Batman TV series full of it’s crazy 60’s comic book style, he never felt like he was a real “Bad Guy”. That could be due to who Carrey was when he took the role. Many people knew him already from Ace Ventura and The Mask, and as kids it’s a little harder to associate an actor with someone different from what you have seen before.

James McAvoy would totaly kill this role now. Especially because for some reason Warner Bros has turned Batman into a serious and brooding character. It’s night and day when you compare it to the beginnings of the bat. Really though the only thing McAvoy would have to cite on his resume is Split. If the casting director has seen that he’s in. And now McAvoy is probably feeling out more options to stay connected to the comic book world considering they may be rebooting X-Men without him this time, which would be unfortunate. If they want a really threatening Riddler who can play just the right amount of crazy they just found him.

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