Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is finally getting her own standalone movie. The script is being rewritten by Ned Benson and production will presumably start in June. The idea of it being an R-rated movie had been tossed around. The most recent rumors about the film related to the possible casting of Emma Watson as a female Bond-like character to star alongside Johansson.

Now we have another rumor about their potential adversary: Taskmaster. Taskmaster has perfect muscle memory and can master a wide range of abilities just by watching them. His ability has allowed him to become an expert swordsman, martial artist, marksman, and athlete. Marvel is allegedly looking at Andre Holland (Moonlight) to take on the role.

At one point, Taskmaster was going to appear as the villain in the first Deadpool movie. Now that the Disney Fox deal is complete, he can make his way to the MCU.