It’s already the middle of January and that means it’s time to get ramped up for the next holiday of the year. Valentine’s day! If you haven’t already started seeing advertising from retailers you are sure to now as we enter the “thoughtful” time. This is the time when we desperately try to remind our significant others that “Hey, so Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple weeks…” A very similar conversation to your yearly birthday reminders. Well for those of you planning ahead this year you can forget the giant teddy bear this Valentine’s Day and go straight to their heart with a beautiful candy bouquet from Walmart.

A change from the traditional flowers and chocolate model Walmart just thought screw it let’s do both! Seriously though these bouquets are beautiful. Especially the Ferrero Rocher version of the gift that retails for $57.35. Thank goodness that it is free shipping!

For others such as Reeses and M&M addicts there are options for them as well. I know a few people who would go gaga over the Reeses one, though I don’t think they would want me spending the cash for a bouquet when I could put the candy in a garbage bag and dump them out over the bed and “make it rain” so to say.

The “Reeses Extravaganza Bouquet” goes for $44.99 but there are cheaper versions of the bouquet with the candy in it. They range from $30-$70 with free shipping over $35.

All I have to say is if you throw down for the large version of of the Twizzlers bouquet for $67.99, you better be damn sure they like Twizzlers and not Red Vines. As a side note any of these arrangements would make a great “I’m Sorry” gift, Just saying.

What do you think of these edible bouquets? Will you be getting any of these for your loved one, or yourself? Tell us in the comments!