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New Captain Marvel Trailer… Oh Yes It’s Good

If you don’t care about Monday Night Football this week, and believe me I don’t blame you, the powers that be at Disney gave us another reason to watch in the form of a brand spanking new Captain Marvel trailer.

Check it out below!!

The day Marvel makes a bad movie is the day I’m worth forty million dollars.  Not going to happen anytime soon.

On top of all the action, special effects, explosions, brief clips of fight scenes, and of course, a CGI Samuel L. Jackson who looks way better than actual young Samuel L. Jackson, this trailer does one very important thing… give the audience a better idea of what Captain Marvel will be about.

Sure, when it comes to superhero movies you can easily figure out the formula but not too many people know the story of Carol Danvers. When you are introducing a new character, especially to an already established comic book universe, it’s important for viewers to get tastes of a few different elements of the film.  Like I said, there is a great deal of action, only now the main focus shifts to Captain Marvel, the person.

The first trailer was more of a “hey, look how cool this movie will be” as the second highlights the protagonist and the situation.  We learn she was a fighter pilot who was enhanced by the Kree.  Super strength, flight, some crazy sixth sense type thing.  Even more important though, the footage touches on the core human quest of trying to discover who you are.  We see major plot points unfold as Danvers sees photos of herself from a life she can’t remember.  While people come to the theater for the space explosions and Brie Larsen’s badass helmet but they stay because our hero exemplifies struggles we’ve all gone through.

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The trailer was infinitely better than the football game.

Captain Marvel arrives on March 8th 2019.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits – Disney

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