If you are like me, horror movies are lackluster, cheesy, and predictable. They have no real substance or story, character development, and most of all, aren’t scary. That’s where Neflix’s new series, The Haunting of Hill House comes in.

Olivia and Hugh Crain, a married couple who flip houses, take on the daunting task of remodeling Hill House, an old mansion with history and character. They bring along their 5 children for the summer, not aware of the lasting impact the decision will have on everyone.

The house effects everyone differently, each person seeing and experiencing a different haunting. Twins Nelly and Luke, the youngest of the family, are effected the most. Every sequence of events leads to a fateful night of terror that scars every member of the Crain family for years to come.

Each episode follows a characters perspective, both past and present, seamlessly tying into one another as we go further down the rabbit hole with each secret revealed. The writers don’t try to scare you with gore and childish poltergeist antics, but with suspense and fear of the unknown. You can sense the characters emotions through the screen with each passing moment.

As to not spoil any bit of the show, I encourage you to watch The Haunting Of Hill House to experience the difference great writing and character dynamic can make. As someone who does not like the horror Genre, this series gave me hope for intelligent, scary thrillers in the future. Enjoy the teaser trailer below. The Haunting Of Hill House is available now on Netflix.

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