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Pokemon Go’s New Move Teases Big Community Day in October

According to, a new move found in Pokemon Go‘s newest update hints that Beldum will be the focus of an upcoming Community Day event.

Last week, Pokemon Go began rollout of its newest update, which adds several quality of life improvements and readies the game for a new Special Research quest involving the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. Game developers also added several visual assets tied to the move “Meteor Mash,” which currently isn’t available in the game.

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Meteor Mash is the signature move of Metagross, a powerful Steel/Psychic-Type Pokemon. Metagross evolves from Beldum, one of the rarer “Gen 3” Pokemon in the game.

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Adding the move to Pokemon Go likely means that Beldum (and by extension, Metagross) will be the focus of an upcoming Community Day event. Community Day is a monthly mini-event, in which a Pokemon spawns in greater numbers during a three hour window. Any Pokemon evolved during Community Day usually comes with an exclusive move that increases their effectiveness in Pokemon Go‘s metagame.

Metagross is already one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but adding a powerful Steel-Type move to its arsenal could cause it to rival even some Legendary Pokemon in strength. Metagross is already the strongest Steel-Type attacker in the game (as other Steel-Type Pokemon are already pretty weak), but a powerful Meteor Mash move would solidify Metagross’s relevancy for players looking to collect only the strongest Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has already announced that Chikorita will be the subject of the next Community Day, so the earliest we could see a Beldum Community Day is in October. The Community Day would likely also give players the option to capture a Shiny version of Beldum – which would mean that a player could get a shiny Metagross with a white and gold color scheme AND an OP move set.



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