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Overcooked 2: Beware the Unbread!

Calling all chefs! The Onion King accidentally followed the recipe inside the Necronomnomicon and has unleashed hordes of the unbread onto the Onion Kingdom! We need you to team up with your friends and satiate the hunger of these unstoppable grains.

Overcooked 2 released on August 7th, encouraging aspiring chefs to cooperate with up to three friends to tackle zany kitchens like never before. From hot air balloons that crash land into sushi kitchens, to raging rivers inside mines, and even the farthest reaches of outer space, chefs will traverse the realm as they concoct an assortment of delicious dishes. Overcooked 2 expands upon the concept of its predecessor with more levels, more recipes and more chefs. It’s bigger and better than even before! Whether you want to play as a squid, alligator, raccoon or an assortment of human characters, there is a chef for everyone.

Just a few chef options

Your adventure starts with protecting the King’s castle from the invasion of unbread enemies. Players are thrown into the kitchen with a timer and basic instructions on how to prepare their dishes. All players must communicate with each other to establish an organized system of work for making sure their dishes are prepared correctly and delivered on time. Food needs to be collected, cut, cooked and plated. The process is never that simple though. Whether you have to cross a busy street with cars, put out fires inside the kitchen, or even worry about your stations moving to a different location, Overcooked 2 keeps its chefs on their toes. Don’t forget about the unbread threat always lingering just beyond the walls!

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Hot air balloon kitchen

Ghost Town Games also adds to the chaos with new gameplay features such as the ability to throw food to(or in many cases at) other chefs to increase efficiency (or chaos). If you are struggling to get together a group of buddies to play locally, Overcooked 2 brings online multiplayer into the mix so you can match up with fellow culinary creatives from anywhere. Just be sure to let them know what you are doing with the new emote system! Otherwise, the kitchen will quickly devolve into chefs running into one another. While the main campaign can be completed in a matter of hours, there are always old scores to beat that will encourage players to come back for more.

So whether you are a kitchen prodigy or a kitchen flop, Overcooked 2 will give you an opportunity to live out your culinary dreams. It’s challenging scores and fun gameplay make it a title that will have you gathering your buddies for truly spectacular co-op adventure. Overcooked 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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