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Sony Releases First Venom Teaser

Sony is wasting little time bringing one of the most renown comic book characters from the Spider-Verse to the big screen by releasing it’s first teaser for their new upcoming film Venom early Thursday morning! It seems only months ago we were being tossed table scraps from the production crews Instagram feeds. To now see Tom Hardy taking on Marvel’s top tier baddie-later-turned goodie!

It appears Sony is playing it’s ultimate reveal of the character fairly close to the vest. As you only really see the symbiote containment unit, as well as a split second of the creature engulfing Hardy up to his neck on an MRI table.

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There are a few promising details that we can deduce from the few seconds of footage we have been given. Notably an introduction that more closely mirrors the actual first encounters of the symbiote on a crashed space-shuttle site. The trailer brings goosebumps as a long time Venom fan waiting for a faithful representation. Will we see Spider-Man rejecting the symbiote? Will we see the Kingpin dealing with his enemies-enemy?

Possibly a little Carnage action at the end???

Hopes are high, this looks awesome and we can’t wait for a full theatrical trailer!

Venom is slated for release: October 5, 2018

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