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Love and Saucers: The Weirdest Film of 2017

Is everyone excited for Star Wars? I know I am. I have my ticket for opening night at the Chinese Theater in LA. But the REAL must see movie this month is Love and Saucers.

Love and Saucers is a bizarre, touching documentary released this year.

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The film focuses on the life and art of David Higgins, a long-time claimed abductee who believes he had a romance (yes, sex too) with an alien. His fantasy – or perhaps reality? – I see told via his wonderful outsider art. It’s strange. It’s touching. It’s batshit crazy.

You want aliens? You’ll get sexy ladies, grays, insects, and furry guys. It starts when David is only 8 and continues through him fathering a hybrid  I see it true? Probably not, but David believes it… and paints it

What movies are you looking forward to? What did you love in 2017? Let Nerdbot know in the comments! 

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