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Video Game Advantages on Educational Learning


Neuro-psychologist of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, a university in Germany conducted a study on if gaming really helps learn. The answer they got shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. People who play video games regularly (15 hours weekly) scored better than those who don’t.

The test included 17 people who played regularly and another 17 who don’t play much at all. The test included weather prediction task which was an example of learning probabilities. Each participant had three different cards, and had to predict if it was either sun or rain with immediate feedback. They also had every participant answer some questions about the cards as well.

The result of the gamers were a lot better than those, who didn’t play video games. They performed better with the uncertainty combination of cards. Scoring 60% on rain and 40% on sunshine. On top of that the gamers had more knowledge on the different kinds of combinations.

This type of learning is highly associated with activity in the hippocampus. The part of your brain that plays a key role in memorizing things. Many experts are predicting that this can help people who struggle in memorizing important things.

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This isn’t a study that is new to anyone at all. This is a study that has been going on for as long as video games have been a thing.  For example the University of Rochester did a study back in 2014 on how, playing action video games boost learning. They used people who play action video games such as Call of Duty. And for those who don’t play video games made them play non action games such as The Sims.

They pinned the people who played video games against the ones who don’t in a test. They gave them perceptual task, to build and fine tune template.  The test last for about a year and again to no one’s surprise the people who played action games, outscored the ones who didn’t.

To anyone that does play video games this shouldn’t be new to you at all. When playing intense games such as PUBG, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, etc. because it puts you in a war like situation without having to be in any danger at all. Constantly avoiding bullets flying your way, cars running you over, or even falling buildings. Even with games not as intense such as TellTale games forcing you to choose certain dialog in a short amount of time. All sorts of games force you to make decisions as quickly as possible.

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