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Nintendo Labo Will Have VR Breath Of The Wild & Mario Too!

Nintendo is finally jumping in the VR game and is coming out swinging too! They’re coming out with a VR Labo, and the reasonings for this is pretty simple. The first one is Nintendo loves to get our money, and number two they want to make VR a little more accessible to families at a […]

New Nintendo Labo Shows Off Family Friendly VR

Ever wish you could paint like an elephant or feel like a superhero by stopping an alien invasion? Nintendo Labo: VR Kit launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system on April 12 with dozens of simple and fun virtual reality* experiences for kids and families to enjoy together. Get a sneak peek at what’s included in the Nintendo […]

Nintendo Brings Labo to Elementary Classes

Nintendo Labo is a fairly new way to play the Nintendo Switch, where you build certain things out of cardboard and play interactive games. It’s been highly praised from everyone saying it’s a new and fun way to play video games. The Labo has always had the platform for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and […]