Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Eleven Actress Trapped by Volcano

Eleven is trapped by a volcano. No, that's not the plot of Stranger Things season 3. It's real life. Millie Bobby Brown, the actress best known for portraying Eleven, is stuck in Bali. Right now, a volcano is erupting in Bali, so air traffic is...

St. Louis Police Are Trying to Adopt ‘Punisher’ Iconography

The St. Louis PD are trying to use the Punisher as a symbol of solidarity.

Fads From the Past (That Got Banned at Schools)

Read about the school bans we remember most!

Are Video Games Saving Symphony Orchestras?

  "The air was gently warm; the grass, green. Gentle breezes rustled the branches as the local birds flew by. The Contrabassoon bellowed off distance in the nearby theater, powerfully loud enough to the point of getting goosebumps as it hits that low G. I...

Jeff Bridges Bringing Back the Dude Next Month!

In a video released on twitter this morning we got some exciting news! The Big Lebowski was released in theaters over 20 years ago and is one movie that has grown to cult fandom. Jeff Bridges tweeted this...

20 Fun and Interesting Facts About Link

By Danial Fletcher After Mario, Link is certainly the most favorite character in video games. In the initial years of Nintendo Entertainment, there were just a few anime games available. Later came, The Legend of Zelda which got immense...

Nike Releases ‘Coming to America’ Shoes

Nike has released 'Coming to America' Shoes

Japan’s ‘Venom’ Poster is WAY Cooler Than Ours

The anticipation for the upcoming 'Venom' standalone flick was kicked into overdrive recently when the studio dropped "Trailer 2", showing off more of our villainous-hero-to-be and his shenanigans: But a recently released poster in Japan is turning heads all over the globe as the artwork...

Keanu Reeves Wants to be Marvel’s Next Wolverine

As superheros continue on their path being every kind of movie, it would make sense that actors have their own idea on which one they would like to play. Ryan Reynolds was able to revitalize his career simply cause he wouldn't let...

The “Safer” Rebuild of the Titanic Will be Setting Sail in 2022

At this point we all know about the tragedy of the Titanic. Whether you learned about it in school or grew up watching the James Cameron film odds are you have at least heard about it. Now you can set sail on...

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