Monday, July 13, 2020
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“Crash Bandicoot: On the Run” Officially Announced

Less than a month after the reveal of "Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time," we have yet another Crash title to look...

Wolcen: Seven Important Recommendations for Beginners in this Game

An open world with limitless possibility. Here are some good tips on playing the game if you are new.

Valorant Map Guide: Best Tactics, Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

Although there are only four available, their connections, alleys, and shortcuts make for endless opportunities. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all four of the maps: SPLIT, HAVEN, and BIND.

“God of War: B is for Boy” is a (Mostly) Kid-Friendly ABC Storybook

A new satirical ABC storybook will show you exactly how Kratos teaches Atreus the ABC's of the Nine Realms

“The Last of Us Part 2” Team is Receiving Hateful and Threatening Messages

This behavior has to end. You are allowed to love or hate the game. You are allowed to discuss your feelings with others. But don't send death threats because you don't like something.

The Top 3 Most Played Mobile Games During Lockdown

Want to know what the top three mobile games played during lockdown are? Can you guess what they might be?

5 Gambling Resources to Make you Win More

There are millions of pages of data available out there which guide us on how to play, where to play, when to play and how to win. All you need to do is know which resources to look out for.

Nintendo Switch Title Final Sword Steals Music From The Legend of Zelda

Some music is just iconic. Whether it's the opening "Simple and Clean" for Kingdom Hearts, "One-Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy 7 or...

Xbox Series X Event Happening Later This Month

Earlier today, Microsoft finally confirmed a date for their Xbox Series X first-party games showcase. Happening later this month, the event will...

Blizzard Says “Diablo 4” Won’t Be Here Anytime Soon

Last year Blizzard announced "Diablo 4". Unfortunately we won't be able to play it anytime soon.

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Human Remains Reportedly Found on Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s Land

Some cadaver dogs have discovered human remains on Joe Exotic's former property.

Jason Momoa Victim of Fake “Groping Video”

Jason Momoa, star of the blockbuster DCEU film 'Aquaman," has recently become the victim of a smear attempt this week over an...

You Can Buy Noodle Cup Bed for Your Pet and it’s Totally Wholesome

Ready for an overdose of cuteness? Check out the animals in these cute noodle cup beds!