Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dress Up As a Bud or Natty Light This Halloween!

Officially licensed Budweiser and Natural Light Costumes are here!

You Could Face Jail-Time or Fines for Trick-or-Treating Over the Age of 12

Find out more about the Trick-or-Treating Laws and Halloween laws or face jail-time or fines this Halloween.

Dad Creates Mad Max Buggies from Old Little Tykes Cars

Witness Dad, Ian Pfaff's step-by-step detailed photos of modifying the classic red and yellow Little Tykes car into a post-apocalyptic doom buggy.

Disneybounding: A Nerdy Subculture With A Message

Cosplaying your favorite Disney characters just for easier! Disneybounding is fun and brings with it a strong message for everyone.

Wiki Releases Over 83,500 Vintage Patterns for Download

You can now get vintage patterns from this wiki and work out how to make historically correct costumes!

15 of the Cutest Baby Cosplays on Instagram

While I unfortunately did not think to cosplay my daughter when she was really little there are plenty of parents who have seized the opportunity to do so. What better time then when the kids can't refuse and have no choice on...

Basic Photo Editing Tips for Beginning Photographers

The tips and tricks are never-ending, but they are essential if you are a novice Photographer. So today you will see some basic photo editing tips for beginning photographers.  Nowadays, photo editing becomes the most significant part of photography (especially in product...

Tips from a Cosplayer to a Photographer

With the news of a well known cosplay photographer doing atrocious and criminal acts. Here are a few tips to cosplay photographers from a cosplayer. 1. Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent. Never ever take a cosplayers...

Tips on Taking Cosplay Props to Cons

Many cosplays and costumes require props for the cosplay to come fully together. These props can be anything from a Jedi Knight Lightsaber to an Elven bow. Whatever your prop maybe here are six tips that will help you navigate the convention with...

Nerdbot Reviews: Crunchyroll Expo 2018

After attending Crunchyroll Expo during this labor day weekend. Here are my thoughts on the surroundings and activities that were available during the three day weekend. Crunchyroll Expo was a fun, small, and enjoyable Exposition (Expo) at the San Jose Convention Center. I would like...

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