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Colorist Files Lawsuit against Robert Kirkman for “Invincible”

The last few years have been good to fans of Robert Kirkman‘s “Invincible.” A superhero comic known for lamp-shading genre stereotypes whilst simultaneously defying audience expectations, the series had a wildly popular 144 issue run. Which was then followed by an awesome animated adaptation from Amazon Studios. While fans are still awaiting the second season […]

Dark Horse Comics Purchased by Embracer Group

Even though Marvel and DC Comics are the biggest names in the comic book industry, they aren’t the only ones. Many a fan would be quick to point out the existence of Image Comics, which is home to “The Walking Dead,” “Invincible,” and “Spawn” among others. Perhaps the next biggest after that is Dark Horse, […]

Kamala Khan returns in “Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit”

It’s been a rough few years for Kamala Khan. After discovering her incredible superpowers after her exposure to an alien mist, Kamala became Ms. Marvel, a street level hero protecting New Jersey while trying to survive high school, public infamy, and the everyday existence of a Pakistani Muslim girl in modern day America. In her […]

New Judge Dredd Unites Karl Urban, Sylvester Stallone Versions

Greatest of British comic heroes, the infamous futuristic Lawman Judge Dredd is about to have an unlikely crossover in the latest issue of long running 2000AD comic. Now old Joe Dredd is no stranger to crossovers. Since his first appearance in the pages of 1977’s 2000AD #2, the boot stomping supercop has tussled with Xenomorphs, […]

TASCHEN Announces Marvel Comics Library, Starts with Spider-Man!

TASCHEN books are outrageously amazing. With a price tag to match, these glorious pages celebrating all manner of things are more of an investment than anything else. The premiere coffee table book company- although calling them that is sort of disingenuous- TASCHEN really does have a book for everyone. Oh, and they’ve just entered into […]

Legendary Comics Artist George Pérez Shares Dire Health Update

George Pérez is one of those names in the comics industry everyone knows. You’ve seen his work cross the pages of the big houses. You’ve felt his style and influence in almost every presentation of superheroes in the medium. Maybe you’ve even encountered Pérez at a convention, where he would routinely join cosplayers recreating some […]

Dark Horse to Publish Star Wars Comics Once Again!

It’s a Life Day miracle, as Dark Horse Comics has announced a fan-favorite title returning to their funny papers. Star Wars titles will once again be published under their banner! Dark Horse will share the publishing rights with Marvel Comics. Marvel gained rights to the franchise far, far away when Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in […]