Saturday, August 17, 2019

Netflix Renews Big Mouth For Three More Seasons

Big Mouth has been renewed for a whopping three more seasons!

Simpsons May Retire Martin Prince, Sherri & Terri and More

Russi Taylor voiced more characters on the Simpsons than we realized

Ethics or Love -Batman: Hush

Released July 20th, Batman : Hush is the 13th installment of the Dc Animated Movie-Verse

Invader Zim “Enter the Florpus” Netflix Drop Date Announced

Netflix tells us the drop date for the much anticipated Enter the Florpus!

Disney’s Newest Cartoon is “The Curse of Molly Mcgee”

Disney announces new cartoon series "The Curse of Molly Mcgee"

Official Trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie

The first official trailer coming out of SDCC 2019

DuckTales Season 3 Brings Back Almost All of The Disney Afternoon

Ducktales is introducing characters from a Disney Afternoon spread out between seasons 2 and 3

Amazon France Leaks Batman Beyond Blu-ray Coming This October

Amazon France has seemingly leaked that a new blu-ray set of the show will be released October 30th of this year.

New Animated Flintstones To Be Produced By Elizabeth Banks

The Flintstones is set for a reboot thanks to filmmaker Elizabeth Banks and her company, Brownstone Productions.

Steven Universe The Movie : First Official Poster

After Five seasons, Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is having its first movie, scheduled to release Fall 2019.

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