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LEGO Teases “Transformers” Optimus Prime Summer Release

In one of the best combinations since the adding of chocolate to milk, LEGO officially announced Transformers sets are coming. LEGO released a teaser via social media, which didn’t show the figure itself, but does say its coming in June.

Some of the details being circulated include the piece count (1,508 pieces), and possible accessories. A jet pack, an energon cube, and the Matrix of Leadership which can be placed in Optimus Prime’s chest. A particularly neat detail is that the figure can transform into a truck without needing to be disassembled.

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Given the quality of previous LEGO collaborations, such as the “Back to the Future” DeLorean, and “The Batman” Batmobile, this one could be incredible. The only problem this set faces is meeting demand, as this combines the voracious fandoms of both LEGO and Transformers.

My personal expectation is that this will make all the money. Expect pre orders to sell out extremely quickly so make sure you keep up with announcements to avoid having to buy it second hand.

We’ll let you know when a listing goes live, and official images are released.

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