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Pillsbury Supports Operation Homefront- Sends Proceeds to Military Families

Pillsbury is offering ready to bake cookie dough featuring the United States flag. They are teaming up with Operation Homefront and will be donating money for every set of cookies purchased up to $150,000. Operation Homefront is a nonprofit that helps military families get back to civilian life after being discharged from the military.

When you buy these Pillsbury cookies you’ll be helping a military family in need. Some of the biggest hurdles that those being discharged face readjustments. For example they are now tasked with establishing a role within their family and a role within their community. They may need to look for a job, which if they were in the military may have never had to do before. Operation Homefront helps with all those things and more. One of their biggest contributions is provide rent free housing for those in need.

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Each box has 20 cookies and they are priced at 2 boxes for $6. These are sold in most grocery stores and big box stores with a frozen section, like Target. Pillsbury donates .10 cents for every code entered here. Submissions end after August 31, 2022.

If you’d like to just donate to Operation Homefront, you can do that here.

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