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Nearly 10 Years On From GTA 5 – Rockstar Games Confirm Number Six On Its Way

Whether you are a die-hard gaming fan or just a casual observer, anyone growing up around a games console will know the celebrity status of Grand Theft Auto and its’ series of games. From the controversial killing and pimp-inclusion to the phenomenal story lines and side gigs, it was every player’s dream to get the latest game and join in with the crowds. So what do we know so far?

  • The RAGE9 engine, a feat ahead of its time, is likely to be used which would mean the graphics and quality could likely beat anything that we can think of now. Sure, it’s got a rumored release date in 2025, but that’s still enough to keep players salivating over the thought of the gameplay that will be on offer. We’ve already seen what they did with the Red Dead Redemption 2 game and this promises to be a step ahead of that as well.
  • GTA6 may be a smaller offering than previous games with lots of modular add-ons being released as time goes on. With a huge 12 year gap from GTA5, this may be the most favorable outcome to deliver a game that doesn’t underwhelm and that keeps giving something new to players as time goes on.
  • GTA6 could feature the first female-player character, something that the series has never done before. While one could argue that the inclusion of a female protagonist is a little cliché, it would be nice to see one in a series that is played has become less of a ‘boys club’ and much more inclusive to all.
  • The evolving gameplay and side quests may become more of a feature point in the new title. GTAV saw the inclusion of the Diamond Casino and Resort where players could bet or spin a wheel similar to roulette, not to mention members could play Roulette, Blackjack and more at the tables – there is early rumor that the casino won’t be forgotten. With gaming and gambling becoming more synonymous thanks to fantasy leagues and in-app purchases, will we see the first in-game real-money casino hit the tables? Maybe this is a little too far-fetched for now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any of the online casino review sites starting to hype it up or cover it as the time progresses.
  • Rockstar Games has projected a huge increase in advertising costs over 2023-2024, meaning we should start to see a LOAD of banners, media coverage and more appearing as the time goes on. Who knows what teasers, easter eggs or other items are going to rock up, but we are excited to see them soon.

   While there is lots more that we don’t know and wish we did, only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s keep our game faces on for the new updates in GTAV and wait for Rockstar Gaming to let us know more.

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