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Make Rice the Shinobi Way with a “Naruto” Rice Cooker!

If you’re looking for a good way to cook a meal while you’re busy fighting other villages, then you may want to check out this handy rice cooker. Not only is it convenient to just set it and forget it, it’s also branded with our favorite Hokage when he was just a budding shinobi himself. Rice cookers are an easy way to rice to your diet so that you fuel yourself to train better.

Toynk has a Naruto” rice cooker/warmer on their site right now. It holds 24 ounces, so that’s enough for one cup of rice plus water. The rule is however much rice you add, you put double the water. Flip the switch and let it do its job!

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It’s also neat that it says Ichiraku on the outside of the cooker. We know that Ichiraku has famous Ramen, but now you can make rice to go along with it. You can also check out their cool “Naruto” Ramen bowls here.

Whatever you do for dinner, rice is always a nice touch. Believe It! Dattebayo!

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