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Texas Parent Hands Out Condom-Filled Easter Eggs to Kids

Being a parent, you’re always trying to make the kids happy. Sometimes that means dressing up as the Easter bunny and handing out eggs. Sometimes that means trying to not embarrass them in front of their friends. It’s a lose-lose for one parent who was trying to do a nice thing for the kids waiting at their child’s elementary school. All because they managed to mess up handing out candy-filled eggs by mixing in some filled with condoms.

Image by S. Bartels from Pixabay

Gullett Elementary School officials sent a letter to parents to explain what happened. This parent acted on their own, without getting approval from the Texas school. Obviously thinking they were doing a nice thing for the kids.

When the parent was asked to leave, they ended up moving to the sidewalk and continuing to hand out eggs.

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This all could have been a very unfortunate accident. According to Nathan Jensen, the parent handing out candy was a woman who came to pick up her kid. She’s a pharmacist who was running a clinic on safe sex while dressed in a bunny suit. The train of thought here is she would surprise the kids at school by also handing out candy-filled eggs while she still had access to the suit. When she ran out of eggs, she called to her husband to bring more. Which is where the unfortunate mix up happened.

This happened at a pretty interesting time for the school, and the police are investigating to decide whether or not to press charges. The odd timing is contributed to the school’s curriculum, which is currently being updated for grades K-2. There was recent legislation change, regarding what schools can and cannot say regarding bodily autonomy and sexuality. School officials feared the condom-filled eggs were in response to that, while it is hopefully just more of an innocent mix up.

This is why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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