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Paramount+ Does NOT Have ‘Every Series, Every Episode’ of “Star Trek”

Paramount+ has since updated “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” on their service. Season 1, episode 19 “Duet” is available.

One of the primary offerings of Paramount+ streaming service is “Star Trek.” Not just one or two films or series, but by their own official advertising campaign- “every series, every episode.” But, this isn’t correct.

Recently, the Paramount+ Support Twitter account responded to an inquiry about a famed episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Season 1, episode 19 “Duet” is not available on the service. This raised some questions, naturally.

Nan Visitor, Harris Yulin “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” s1e19, “Duet”
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The Support account shared that due to streaming rights for “Duet,” it wasn’t available.

Fans supposed this was due to music rights, as is often the case. But…that seems unlikely with this particular episode. “Duet” is, like much of “Deep Space Nine,” steeped in politics. The story revolves around war crimes of the Cardassians during the occupation of Bajor, including genocide.

Even “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” showrunner and executive producer Ira Steven Behr commented on “Duet’s” absence.

We chose to see this omission as another reason to continue to support and buy physical media. No chance of those episodes suddenly going missing. Unless…you lose the disc or something.

“Duet” is available on Netflix‘s listing of “Deep Space Nine,” although it’s labeled as s1e18 rather than 19.

And, Paramount+ has since updated the series. You CAN see “Duet!”

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