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Give Your Avocados a Podium Finish With This Stand

Somedays you want to feel like a winner. Other days you want to feel like one, but just can’t. So what can you do instead? Well, you can do what any normal human being would do and place judgment on something else to determine its value. What better objects to do that with than avocados? And what better way to show your avocados which one is the best with a podium made just for them!

Behold, the Avocado Ripeness Ranker created by Kyle Courcy. Made of solid walnut, this functional decorative piece is obviously made more for the novelty factor than actual utility. But it does have a certain whimsy to it. One could make the argument that if you have a lot of avocados and want to sort them by ripeness, this could get three of them lined right up for you in an easy to go form.

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I would even suggest that Kyle could take this even further with some accessories to spruce up the competitive nature of the avocados; since, as we all know, avocados are highly competitive.

This mock up shows how you could easily create a small crown or tiara for the winning avocado. I’ve also made a sash with the word Winnercado on it, to give the first place recipient a title that it can cherish until it is summarily smashed on toast. Want to take it a step further? Before cutting up the winner, have a little transition of power where it gives the crown and sash to the runner-up, as they then become the winnercado. Maybe the crown is a little too ostentatious, but it could be toned down easily enough; it’s just a preliminary design.

Seriously though, if you like avocados or know someone who is really into them, you might want to check this out; it’s the little novelties in life that keep things unpredictably fun.

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