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How to Cut Office Costs on Technology?

Sometimes we focus so much on making the bottom line so much more.  And to do this, you need to cut costs in the company.  And sometimes it can be much easier than increasing bills.  Thousands of small and medium enterprises spend money on expenses because they don’t pay too much attention to them, especially in technology.

It is very important that you understand that using methods or tools that may be outdated causes you to spend more than you should, as well as reduce the efficiency of workers and, of course, will ultimately affect both the speed of processes and the final result.  In this article, we will tell you 5 ways to reduce costs in your company thanks to new technologies.

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Energy consumption may be your biggest concern

Did you know that 35% of an organization’s or business’ energy costs are for IT equipment?  Surely you have never thought about it, and this may be one of the biggest money leaks in your company.

To cut costs in this area, you must not only target the electric utility, but also understand why your IT equipment consumes more than it should.  One of the most likely reasons is that your devices are old, so their power consumption will be higher, since the current ones are more efficient in every way.

To improve your current IT infrastructure, you not only need to have innovative hardware such as SSDs or convertibles, but also use more efficient software that consumes less resources, such as cloud applications or desktop virtualization.  In addition, you must manage their cost by controlling your electricity consumption.

Use the cloud to save resources

Cloud storage and services are here to stay.  The companies that use them have benefited from all aspects, including the cost sharing.  The cloud allows you to be more efficient, competitive, and productive because you can quickly and easily access your applications and files.

Learn how to work remotely successfully

Previously, businesses were required to purchase physical infrastructure and licenses, so you had to invest some of your financial resources.  Now, thanks to cloud services, you can use the word “rent”, as we pay monthly for the capacities and applications that we need, no more, no less.

This allows you to flexibly adjust the flow rate in each specific case.  If the business grows, we can rent more storage space.  If, on the other hand, we need to cut costs, we can only pay for basic services.

Save money on software usage

The model of buying software for thousands of dollars is outdated.  It is often not possible to pay large sums for the use of software nowadays.  Once again, applications in the cloud or free software prevail over the model we were used to a few years ago.

A great example is the office suite, where we now have a cloud-based licensing model that allows us to use its tools on any device, anywhere.  In addition, there are similar tools like Google’s G Suite that can be used at a low cost for businesses.

Enterprise applications and remote work

The coronavirus crisis has shown that remote work is even more effective than physical work in companies.  If you notice too, you should bet on it as soon as possible.  This is not only more convenient for employees in some cases, but also saves resources in all aspects.  In addition, an employee who has flexibility in his workplace is a happier employee, and therefore more efficient, competitive and motivated.

For this to work, you’ll have to bet on enterprise applications and desktop virtualization, such as virtual desktops, allowing you to work when and where you want.  This is where cloud services come into play again.  This will allow you to reduce the cost of equipment and save energy without losing an iota of stability and speed.

Digitize all areas of your business

The era of paper and pencil is over, it is over forever.  The use of paper in your offices should be reduced to almost zero.  The problem of global pollution and climate change that we have must be solved with the use of new technologies.  It’s already worth it for this part, but the fact is that the digitalization of companies brings incredible benefits in all areas.

How long will it take you to find the reports for 2017 in your papers?  What if instead you have a search engine where you write what you want and it shows up?  This simple example illustrates the loss of time we suffer when we work, as in ancient times.  And remember, time is the most valuable resource you have.

Now more than ever is the time to digitize all areas of your business.  Not only will you increase productivity and reduce operating costs, but you will also strengthen and enhance your brand, improve your customer experience, and unlock new market opportunities.


In order to reduce waste on IT technologies, you just need to start using new developments.  And then you will significantly reduce your costs, and accordingly you will receive more profit.  And it will help with new developments

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