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How And Why You Should Build A Blog In Today’s World

It can be difficult to get yourself out there online. In a world dominated by visual and audible media, asking people to invest in web content is a bit like asking a movie fanatic to read a book. Sure, a lot of movie fanatics read books, but the vast majority of them would probably prefer to stick with the movie equivalent. The truth is, a lot of our media is designed for clicks. A catchy name or an attention-grabbing icon is sometimes all you need in order to gain traction and ratchet up “views”. But this kind of media is not designed for prolonged audience engagement. In many ways, a website blog is still the most useful tool in attaining something like that. Sure, it is a big step to build and edit your website, but the results are often plenty worth it. 

So how and why should you take the time to do it? Well, despite today’s come-and-go media, it is still possible to grab the reader’s attention. If you put in the hard grafts, there is also a big chance that you might be able to keep them.

It Is A 1-1 With Your Reader

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Reading a web blog, as with reading a book, takes far more brain engagement than it does to watch a vlog. When a reader is processing your content word for word, there is a one to one happening, which is making them invested in what it is your blog is trying to achieve. Whether you are an author looking to build readership or a business looking to spread your USPs, getting your audience to sit and read your content (so long as it is well constructed and entertaining) will undoubtedly elevate their engagement.

It Does Not Have To Be Black And White

There is a common misconception that blogs aren’t engrossing because they’re simply web pages with black and white text plastered onto it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are many ways to make a blog just as eye-catching as a vlog can be. 

To build a website you often have to think outside the box. The best websites use an array of color and images which can spur the imagination. They are focused on their topic but not afraid to take the reader on tangents or open up their horizons to new products and new ideas. If you are looking to create a blog, ensure that you are not simply placing blocks of text on a page.  No one wants to see that when they click on your link. Instead, the content should be intrinsically layered into various pages and topics. You should let the reader explore the website rather than just be a passive observer. You want your blog to be kinetic. A constantly evolving, moving thing. Don’t resolve to be stationery. 

Okay, I Want To Build A Blog. But How Do I Make It Stand Out? 

Whilst it is true that there are hundreds upon thousands of blogs on the internet, you would be surprised how many readers are open to more voices. At the end of the day, everyone is individual. One voice will never be the same as the other. If you are looking to build a blog, it is important to embrace the fact that you are unique. Sure, inspiration can be taken from other blogs, but no one should ever try to replicate engagement by imitating other blogs. Readers are engaged with those blogs for a reason. There is no reason to engage with yours if it is radiating the same energy. If a consumer is going to keep engaged with something, then it has to be offering them something they can not get anywhere else. In short, your blog has to be you and you only. 

A Blog Is Essentially A Subscription Service

There is a tendency with other forms of media to be inconsistent in their content and uploads, so good blogs tend to avoid falling into that trap. If you are planning to create a business blog, whether small or large, you should aim to create new topics of interest and keep them regular. The more regular your posts are, the more regular your readers will become. You essentially become like a subscription service, so just one period of no content (or bad content, for that matter) could immediately cause disinterest and cause readers to “unsubscribe”. Keep the posts coming. Consistent uploads. Consistent quality.

Build A Rapport With Readers

As I mentioned before, blogs have the potential to cause a large amount of engagement with their audience, more so than other forms of media can ever achieve. Not only that, but it is easy to build on that rapport and return the favor by being engaged with your own audience. If the blog is generating interest, then it is likely that you will know about it. Whether you are a business noticing more direct purchases or a blogger reading through comments and questions. Engage with the reader. If not directly, then by creating topics based on what they are saying and doing. That one to one with the reader should never be taken for granted, and no blog will survive if any kind of disconnect appears. 

It can be difficult, but there are so many ways to build a blog that connects and engages the reader in a way that nothing else can. If you’re thinking about creating one, go for it. Just keep in mind what you need to do in order to make it a success. 

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