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Disneyland Expansion Accidentally Announced by Anaheim PD

The Anaheim Police Department has apparently broken the news that Disneyland is expanding. This appears to have been an accidental reveal. They even shared the name of what the expansion is called- Disneyland Forward.

The announcement came along with a call for those who would apply to the Anaheim PD to join the force.

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With Disney Bloggers like Jenny Nicholson saying: “Does Anaheim PD realize they just broke this story lol?” We had to find out more.

Luckily when searching for “Disneyland Forward” we found a whole website dedicated to what is possible. They don’t state anything firm but do have a whole section about “Possibilities.”

Some of these possibilities include new lands, such as Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan Areas. Some of these are already happening in other parks and what seems to be on the site is proposed for the Anaheim branch.

With DisneylandForward and an updated approach, these exciting new lands and attractions coming to Tokyo DisneySea could be the perfect inspiration for the future of Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Forward

This September they will have D23 Expo where we’re almost certain they were supposed to make this announcement. We really hope that the Anaheim PD didn’t sign an NDA before their Twitter post. That’s quite a big whoopsie.

Further research shows that the domain name was purchased in February of 2020, right before the pandemic hit. It was most recently updated in October of last year. And it’s likely been something presented to investors and those who’d like to be involved.

We’re watching this carefully, stay tuned!

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