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What Can You Actually Buy With Bitcoin?

Back in 2006, when crypto first came into existence, nobody thought it would become so popular. It was launched with two main motives- to restrict the power of government, organizations, and financial institutions to influence the market. And to diminish the foreign exchange rate. If you look today, crypto has made an important place in the financial system. It has become digital money that you can use to buy plenty of things. 

You can buy almost everything with crypto coins, from food to property and even healthcare. Nowadays, the investors and the general public who have access to cryptos can buy things with that. If you want to know more about this, keep reading our blog post. Our blog post has featured a list of things you can buy with crypto coins. 

Things you can buy with cryptocurrency

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In this section, we have put down the commodities you can buy with your crypto coins. In order to purchase those commodities or avail of the services, you need to have crypto coins. Thus we have brought you a perfect crypto exchange platform named Quantum AI; here, you can buy and sell crypto coins. Go check out their official platform to know more about this exchange. After holding the crypto coins, you can purchase the following things: 

Airplane tickets

You can also purchase a flight ticket; sounds surprising? Well, today, it is possible to book airline tickets just with cryptocurrency. British Airways has started accepting cryptos, mostly bitcoin, for booking flight tickets. Other than British Airways, sites like Expedia and accept crypto coins.

Expensive cars

After the announcement of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, various renowned cars companies such as BMW, Maserati, and Audi have started accepting crypto coins as payment. Now, you can buy all these high-end cars like- Tesla Model 3, BMW, Audi, and Maserati just with cryptos.   

Expensive watches

Currently, it is possible to buy expensive Watches with crypto coins. Rolex is the first-ever company that has announced to accept crypto coins as payment. After Rolex, other high-end companies like Patek Philippe have also announced accepting bitcoin as payment.  

Technological products

At present, you will find numerous tech companies that accept bitcoin and other crypto coins as payment. Companies like- Microsoft, Newegg, Wikipedia, and various others have started accepting cryptos as payment. You can use crypto coins on Microsoft’s online store to buy tech products, games, applications, etc.

E-commerce products

Since cryptocurrencies circulate in the digital space; therefore, it is very easy to buy e-commerce products with these digital currencies. Overstock is a famous e-commerce platform that accepts crypto coins, mostly bitcoin, as payment. It is the first merchandise company that has recognized cryptocurrency. By taking inspiration from Overstock, Shopify has also started accepting cryptos.

In a nutshell

Before the wrap-up, we would say that cryptocurrency has made its place in the mainstream media. With every passing year, it is becoming a more and more popular investment. Various industries are incorporating cryptos into their business structure. Today, you can buy cars, food, apartments, and tech products with your cryptocurrency. In upcoming years this list of things will get bigger.

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