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6 Reasons Bitcoin Is The Number One Pick Among All Other Cryptos Today

Being the first Cryptocurrency to come into the market, there is no doubt that Bitcoin has reached soaring heights. What are investments without risk? The volatility of Bitcoins is a setback that it faces, but if you want to invest in it, then it is one non-negotiable risk that you have to take. The Bitcoins that you own can be used as a medium of exchange and can also be exchanged for money by selling those.

Even after the anonymity of the founder of Bitcoin, it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It is also said that digital currency is going to be the future of money. Thinking about where to find a great platform to invest in Bitcoins? Visit Bitcoin Prime.

Bitcoin is still the top pick of investors and here’s why:

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1. Most Commonly Accepted Medium Of Exchange

It has been quite some time since companies have started accepting Cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Out of all the accepted Cryptos in the different companies, Bitcoin is the most commonly accepted one.

2. Liquidity

Bitcoins are one of the most liquid investments found among all the asset classes. They can be easily exchanged for other assets like Gold or cash. Bitcoins’ liquidity benefits to its investors and make them a great short-term investment.

3. Lower Or No Fees

Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin can process your transaction even if you do not choose to pay any fees. The success of your transaction is not dependent on the fees you pay. However, few buyers like to pay fees to get the miner’s attention driven towards their transactions.

4. Low Risk Of Inflation

As the value of currencies appreciates and depreciates based on other economic factors, especially inflation, the value of Bitcoin is not dependent on this factor. If there is a major change in inflation, Bitcoin would not be greatly affected by it, and it can be said that it is partly immune to inflation.

5. Opens The Door For New Opportunities

Since Bitcoin has entered the market, new Cryptocurrencies have overflowed the market. With a rise in the number of new entrants into the market, the road to making unexpected gains through Bitcoins opens. 

6. Simple Trading Requirements

Unlike trading in the stock markets, where a broker is required in many cases, buying a Bitcoin is simple. You just have to buy it, and it comes into your digital wallet. The same thing goes with the selling of Bitcoins. The liquidity is also a main factor that favors it.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin gained a lot of popularity and loyalty because it was the first-ever Cryptocurrency. This has also caused it to become the first thing to come to people’s minds when they hear of Cryptocurrency. As read above, it also provides many benefits like no fees and higher liquidity. These things tend to attract investors to Bitcoin. Thinking of investing in Crypto? Try buying Bitcoin.  

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