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Tubbz Unveils “Star Trek” Locutus, Q Rubber Ducks

It’s no secret that we here at Nerdbot LOVE rubber duckies. Tubbz the cosplaying duck has so many different characters out now that we’re able to create an epic tale of adventure. All from the comfort of our own warm bath. Heck, you can add bath bombs and pretend it’s a portal into outer space.

Now we can get even more extra with our storytelling because Tubbz has just released two new “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ducks- Locutus of Borg and Q! So you can either wreak havoc and transport your original Star Trek ducks to another dimension. Or, you can assimilate your Picard duck so that the others in your crew have to save him.

Here are some images of the new ducks from Just Geek.

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What’s great about the Borg is that you don’t have to just stop at one. Get yourself a big tupperware square box from the Dollar Store and BAM. You have your very own Borg Cube ready to fill up with multiple Borg ducks!

You can check out the listing for these here. If you have time, check out our other Tubbz coverage while you’re here!

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