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Jamie Lee Curtis to Officiate Daughter’s Wedding in Cosplay

Jamie Lee Curtis is proving to be badass once again. While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel, she talked about her daughter’s upcoming wedding. The theme of the wedding? Cosplay! Everyone will be dressed up as their favorite character. Curtis’s daughter Ruby and her partner Cynthia chose a very strong female character for her mother to portray.

Jaina Proudmoore, WoWHead

World of Warcraft character Jaina Proudmoore is Lord Admiral and ruler of the Kul Tiras kingdom. Formerly, she was the leader of the Kirin Tor, a faction of mages ruling over the city of Dalaran. This also isn’t the first time Curtis has dressed up as a WoW character. She’s done cosplay multiple times at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), and at various red carpet events. Just because she enjoys it.

1 of 1,002

The trouble comes from where Curtis has commissioned her costume from. After sending messages back and forth and giving her measurements and a hefty sum of money, the outfit may not arrive on time. Not through any fault of her own however, the seamstress is in Russia where there are current world events going on that may have impact on supply and distribution.

We hope that everything goes well for the happy couple, and that Curtis does get her costume in time. We also hope that she shares tons of pictures from what is sure to be a really cool nerdy wedding this May.

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