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The Most Popular Online Games for Money Among the Stars

Regardless of nationality and social status, people all over the world love to test their luck and even play games of chance. Some like to have a friendly competition with a small prize, whereas there are those who love to bet real money. 

Celebrities from all over the world enjoy playing casino games and wagering on sports. In fact, some of them even offer advice for other gambling enthusiasts who are just starting out. There are lots of different games out there that involve luck, and most of them can be played online. So, let’s see what are some of the favorite real money online games among celebrities. 


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Generally speaking, slot machines are the most popular games in casinos all over the world. However, there are many celebrities who play slots, if we compare them to other casino content. Of course, slots are pretty similar to lotteries, and that’s the main source of their appeal. They are in almost every echt geld online casino or real money online casino, and they offer the biggest rewards. Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson are some examples of celebrities that love these games.


Poker is definitely the most played casino game in the world of celebrities. Athletes like Christiano Ronaldo, Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Jordan, and others love to play poker at a casino. Most of the new or ny online casino sites host video poker, but some of them also host poker rooms. Poker rooms allow players to compete against one another, and they can even organize online tournaments. This can also turn into a high-stakes game, and celebrities can usually afford big losses, so it’s not uncommon to read about how they lost thousands on poker.


Poker requires bluffing and reading other people. Blackjack on the other hand requires you to pay attention and take calculated risks or actions. This is why many sharp people find this game appealing. You can even play the live dealer version of blackjack on multiple NL online casino platforms, which all launched quite recently, and are eager to get new users. Notable celebrities who enjoy blackjack are Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tiger Woods. Additionally, those who are really good at math, and are capable of counting cards have a better chance of winning against the casino.    

Fantasy Sports 

One of the latest trends in the gambling industry is fantasy sports, and this fan base only continues to grow. Paul Rudd, Lebron James, and Ashton Kutcher all reportedly enjoy fantasy sports, which is understandable, as the concept is really fun. There are some studies that suggest this hobby can negatively affect your mood, but that’s also true for any game out there. Losing is what negatively affects our mood, and luck-based entertainment always favors the house. Of course, you should always be aware of the effect certain activity has on you, and simply take a break if you feel that frustration is building up. 


There are other casino games that celebrities enjoy, like baccarat and roulette, it’s just that there are more of those who prefer blackjack and poker. It’s also pretty common to see superstars as spectators on sports events, and they are likely betting on one of the participants. 

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