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This Summer, Try Swimply, the Airbnb for Pools!

If you want to go swimming but don’t have a pool, what do you do? Most of the time we try to get those above ground pools which can be a pain in the butt to set up. Or if you have kids, you’ll probably get one of those Intex 8ft pools with the pictures of either the zoo or the ocean on the outside. Those are nice, but they also heat up if you leave them in the sun so it turns into a warm bath situation. Your other options are to find a local pool where they charge you admission, or a splash pad or water park. It seems like there are no good options, until now.

While scrolling through Facebook, I came upon an ad for one of the most glorious concepts I’ve ever seen. An Airbnb for POOLS. Swimply is a place where you can pick and choose a pool to swim in and pay by the hour.

Some of the listings found on Swimply
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Their pricing ranges from about $25 and up. Some have it where you can have up to 30 guests at one time and if you split the bill, it’s not too much. Wondering where to go to the bathroom? Many of these have Poolside portable restrooms on site so that you can easily go when you need to. There are pet friendly options too so you can bring your dog or cockatoo. You can bring food to some and they will have minifridges you can put your drinks in. And many of these places have night lighting for a later swim. One of the reasons they have listed for renting is a date and I can’t think of a better way to spend time together on a hot day than in a private pool.

It’s heating up and while the idea of having a vacation and staying in a hotel with a pool is appealing, having the extra bodies that I don’t know swimming with me is not. This way we can fully enjoy a private setting and have a good time, not awkwardly making space for strangers.

Check out Swimply here. They also have other recreational places available like tennis courts.

I will be reviewing this service closer to summer, stay tuned!

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