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Trivia Crack Gets Sister Show “Trivia Quest” on Netflix

If you play the game “Trivia Crack” on your phone, then this might be some pretty exciting news. Netflix will be debuting “Trivia Quest,” an interactive game that can be played from the comfort of your own couch next month.


So far they are saying there will be 30 episodes, one for each day of the month of April. Each episode will feature 24 questions with 12 standard and 12 hard. Categories will range from science, history, entertainment, sports, art and geography. Theoretically if this does well, Netflix will add more in the future.

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Netflix’s first daily, interactive trivia series. It takes players on a mission to help our hero, Willy, rescue the animated citizens of Trivia Land from the Evil Rocky, who’s bent on hoarding all the knowledge in the world.
Each question is a multiple-choice play, with four potential answers to choose from. It’s all based on Etermax’s hit Trivia Crack, the #1 multi-platform trivia franchise in the world. And it’s up to you to select the right answers and save the day!

Trivia Quest” hits Netflix on April 1st, 2022. See if you can save the citizens of Trivia Land.

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