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10 Great DevOps Tools

The importance of software

Today is very closely and inextricably linked with the use of software (software). Software development can be called a separate link, but rather a sector of the world economy, the rapid growth of which is gaining momentum every year.

Development Operations (DevOps) is a helpful and necessary tool to improve the interaction between developer and user.

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So what is DevOps? In short, DevOps is a kind of bridge between the developer and the end-user, which makes the operation of the product (namely, the software) better and smoother throughout the software life cycle.

What made the emergence and existence of DevOps an urgent need today?

Over time, as software has become an integral part of the modern world, developers have faced a number of problems, namely the problem of interaction between developers and end-users. The situation became urgent when the developer released certain software, the user faced a number of shortcomings, the responsibility for which rested with the developer. Such an imperfect scheme slowed down the implementation of the software, did not allow it to respond quickly to the shortcomings of the new product and change them. And to solve these problems, DevOps arose.

What activities do DevOps processes contain?

Of course, the list will vary from the end-user, the purpose of the product, and the developer, but there are key steps in the DevOps process.

  • software development and delivery
  • modeling and infrastructure formation
  • launch of vital software processes
  • introduction of services and communication functions between them
  • providing monitoring of the process
  • implementation of general security at all stages of software implementation

Who implements all these stages of DevOps?

It is clear that to implement all the necessary stages throughout the life cycle of the software, you need specialized specialists. Let’s try to superficially organize the list of areas of responsibility for each of them.

BE is an engineer who is directly responsible for the development of the basis of the software (code) as well as for the support and resolution of conflict situations in the future.

RE-engineer-specialist, responsible for the delivery of software from the manufacturer to the end-user, and also takes an important part in testing the implemented product

AE-professional that provides process automation.

SE-specialist, who organizes the safety of processes, implements the search for vulnerabilities to identify and improve them.

In practice, all these areas of responsibility can be personified in one person, or distributed by a function depending on the needs of the work process. 

DevOps and Business.

Today, DevOps tools are an integral part of any business. 

In case you’ve decided to choose DevOps as a service, we want to gain your attention here.

Git. Nowadays, there is hardly a developer who does not use Git. Its prevalence is due to its simplicity and accessibility. The main thesis is the availability of open-source code, as well as Git repositories.

Anzible. This tool captivates with its simplicity, prevalence, and versatility. The main purpose of the application is to implement updates.

Docker. Its main difference is the containerization of the CODE. This allows you to use it in another environment.

Splunk. The realm of this app is security.

Puppet Enterprise. A feature of this application is the ability to manage multiple resources, commands.

Jenkins. The advantage of this application is free, available, and the ability to work with most operating systems.

Chef. The undisputed feature of the application is its cloudiness, which allows you to use it from anywhere.

Nagios. The main purpose of the application is to identify the defects and shortcomings of the CODE and correct these points.

Slack. The application simplifies communication and interaction between developers.

Kubernetes. Used to automate code creation, startup, validation, upgrade, and restart processes.

We recommend a wonderful platform where you can find enterprise architecture services. It is called Outposts and is using a lot of up-to-date methods to ease the process of programs’ design and architecture. They are highly specialized in providing work that is aimed to ease and accelerate the product delivery process.

What’s next?

Like everything in today’s world of technology, the development of DevOps tools is a relentless process. Every company has DevOps and views on its improvement and further development. However, it should be noted that efficiency in this area depends on a combination of acquisitions of different companies, mutual exchange of successes, and new discoveries.

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