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Production Starts on Season 3 of AppleTV+’s “Ted Lasso”

I’ll admit it, at first I didn’t really understand why everyone loved “Ted Lasso.” AppleTV+‘s series about an American football coach heading to England to the premiere soccer league seemed…too outlandish. And not in a science-fiction series way, or a breaking the 4th wall in every single scene way. It was TOO positive, too joyful. People like Ted (Jason Sudeikis) just don’t exist in real life.

But around episode 3, something clicked. I got it. I understood, and fell in love with the show. Ok, mostly Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). “Ted Lasso” really is a drop of sunshine in an otherwise dark and dreadful world.

Season 2 caught some flack for not being as outright positive. But, as I’ll always counter (and quote Ridley Scott‘s “Legend“) with- What is light without dark? You HAVE to have that balance to make the good really, really shine. Sometimes the sad, the depressing, the difficult moments are the ones that allow us to work towards the joy and the good.

After mountains of awards for the cast and staff, season 3 of “Ted Lasso” has officially started production. This is wonderful news, and I’m so happy to know there’s something to look forward to.

We’ll let you know what we hear about a likely release date. “Ted Lasso” seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream now, only on AppleTV+.

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