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Almost $2 Million Raised by Ukraine Airbnb Bookings in 2 Days

If you’re looking for a way to get money to those that need it most, you may want to consider booking a stay at an Airbnb in Ukraine. Citizens who have done so have raised over $2 million for Ukrainian refugees in just two days. Airbnb also says that for the time being, any fees associated with the listing of places to stay in Ukraine will be waved. That includes host and guest booking fees. So all of the money you spend to go there will go directly to Ukrainians who’ve listed their properties.

So far, more than 61,000 nights have been booked by people from around the world. 34,000 of those nights were booked by citizens in the United States alone. This is an excellent way to support Ukraine if you have the means to do so.

The initiative was created as a social media movement, and they have done an excellent job of getting word out about how this is helping refugees. If you’re interested in booking a stay (without actually going), you can do so here.

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