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Ukrainian Brewery Stops Bottling Beer, Starts Bottling Moltov Cocktails

As the world watch’s Russia’s continual unlawful and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, locals are doing what they can. There was the now viral sunflower seeds woman, the hotly contested ‘Ghost of Kyiv,’ and many, many more.

The most recent claim is that Ukrainian brewery Pravda has ceased beer bottling opperations, and instead are currently bottling Moltov cocktails.

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Yuri Zastavny (listed as an employee at Pravda) posted the now viral image. The label on the beer bottle translates to “Putin is a dickhead.”

“Pravda Brewery team is hand-bottling today,” Zastavny said. “It’s a very special bottling. So many people willing to help. We’ll bottle beer later.”

Pravda’s plans were announced after Ukraine’s Defense Ministry instructed civilians to make Molotov cocktails to resist invading Russian forces, as The Kyiv Independent reported.

There are so many ways to help Ukraine right now, so please consider donating to Amnesty International, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Sunflowers of Peace, CARE, and Chef José AndrésWorld Central Kitchen.

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