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Unique Gifts Ideas For The Holidays

Around the world, people enjoy different cultures according to their customs, religion, and traditions. These cultures mark special holidays with delicious food and gifts. Holiday traditions become a reason to bring people close and together,  they allow us to feel a special part of the family as well as the community. Exchange of gifts on holidays reflects the giver’s gratitude, affection towards the receiver.

Gift-giving practice on Christmas is done in the memory of gifts given by three wise men to the infant Jesus. Christmas is the time of sharing and giving, sharing love and care, and giving gifts,  food, and happiness. 

This season is healing and strengthening but it could become stressful especially when it comes to finding unique and mesmerizing holiday gifts for your loved ones. If you are feeling that type of pressure on your shoulders then you must have to look at the gift ideas described in the given article.

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Holiday gift for an art lover

A paint kit or a unique painting is the best gift for your painter friend. Custom paint would also work best to gift an art lover if you have painting skills. Art lovers enjoy playing with paints and colors. A customized gift is worth more as compared to a general gift you bought from the market and just packed it. By using crafting you can also make beautiful gifts without disturbing your budget. 

Paint by numbers for adults is also a great way to enjoy painting, people love to paint as it releases stress and anxiety. If you are planning to give a paint kit then you should look for paint by numbers for adults kits as they contain everything a painter needs to paint. 

Holiday gift for readers

You can give a Kindle Paperwhite to a reader who will be able to read without straining his or her eyes. The interesting thing is that your giftee can take it to the bathing tab as it is waterproof. 

A custom library stamp is a great gift for the generous readers who always lend their books. These stamps are available in different sizes and styles. You can choose any of them. You can get a Library stamp easily from Etsy starting or Excel mark ink Pad from Amazon.

Holiday gift for a makeup lover

For a makeup lover, a unique and multipurpose product would be a great holiday gift idea. Such as You can give three in one bronzer sticks that could be used as lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. It would surely be a unique product in your giftee’s makeup stock. You can also give a dry shampoo such as “Invisible Nourishing dry shampoo” from Amazon. 

Microcurrent Facial toning Device could be the best gift for a lady who is always conscious about her skin. A device that tones and glows your skin. By using it from amazon, the recipient can massage her face in different intensities at home. You can give her a Vanity mirror with Lights that brightness can be adjusted. It will surely enhance the ready experience of a makeup lover. 

Holiday gift for kids

Newborn babies can get a  hooded towel set from Amazon that is made of Turkish Cotton. For drawing therapy for kids, you can give them a Buddha board. You have to use a wet brush to paint on it and as the water evaporates the painting also disappears and you have a fresh canvas again. 

You can also give paint by numbers kits for kids from Winnie’s Picks to children who love to paint.  A mini camera or car from Amazon is also fascinating to kids during the Christmas season. 

Holiday gift for a photographer

For a person who is always taking pictures and then has to print them out, a portable photo printer will be a cool gift. You can get a “Polaroid 2*3 pocket photo printer” from Amazon and then the giftee will be able to print out any photo in just minutes by connecting this device to the phone. You can choose a camera-related gift such as a Sandisk Ultra SDHC memory card, a microfiber cleaning cloth, etc. all you can get from Amazon. 

Holiday gift for a gym lover

Booty bands are perfect for your family or friends especially when they are dealing with a home gym. These bands are easily stretchable and do not lose elasticity over time. There are different types of bands based on resistance level and you can easily find them on Amazon. 

A fitness tech lover will find a high-tech watch as a unique gift that contains different functions including GPS, Virtual running coach, sleep cycle monitoring (all the health-related data). An indoor exercise bike could be the best gift for a cyclist or for women who are trying to reduce their weight. It is a good addition to one’s home gym collection. 

For a runner wireless headphones could be a great holiday gift, you can buy “Open-Ear wireless Headphones” from Amazon.  They enable anyone to hear easily while doing workouts and running. 

Holiday gift for the movie lover

What about gifting a mini projector to a movie lover which he or she can take anywhere from them. Mini portable projector from Amazon is a good choice that is easily connected with a phone or computer. You just need a plain blank wall and then open the movie on your computer or mobile phone and connect it to your mini projector and you can watch it on a big screen. 

Holiday gift for a foodie

You can get a portable French press coffee maker for your coffee lover friend. This is a portable and insulated French press, you can easily find it on Amazon. If your mom loves to make experiments in the kitchen then a cookbook could be a great gift idea. You can buy “Run fast, Eat slow, Nourishing Recipes for athletes” if the giftee is an athlete and he or she wants to eat different food also. 

Holiday gift for elders

For your grandparents, a massage device could be a great gift. “Theragun Mini ” is a mini portable device that can be used for the treatment of muscles without spending a lot of money. You will easily find it on Amazon for under $200. How about a mini head massager for your elder aunties, “Gua Sha Combing brush” is a palm-sized head massager, it massages the scalp and makes hairs super shiny. 


Giving gifts on holidays strengthens the bonding within the family and friends. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to find unique gifts for your family or friends. You can take help from the above article. All the holiday gift ideas are divided into different sections. 

You can select a recipe book for your mother or a three-in-one bronzer for your friend who is busy doing makeup all the time. To a gym lover, a high-tech watch could be a great gift. You can give a paint by numbers for adults kit to a paint lover friend.

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