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World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish Methuselah Likes Figs, Bellyrubs

If you ever have the chance, visit San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences. Especially if you’re interested in seeing Methuselah, possibly the world’s oldest aquarium fish.  The 4-foot-long, 40-pound Australian lungfish was brought to San Francisco in 1938.

Thought to be an evolutionary link between fish and amphibians, Australian lungfish possess both lungs and gills. They are also now a threatened species, and can no longer be exported from Australian waters.

“She’s a little picky and only likes figs when they are fresh and in season. She won’t eat them when they’re frozen,” spokeswoman for the California Academy of Sciences Jeanette Peach said.

Plan a visit to see Methuselah, and check out what else is on display here.

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