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Cursed Invention: Floss All Your Teeth at the Same Time

When comments on a video for a product say things like “this is like something the Aztecs would make to draw blood as offerings,” and “Well adjusted: good device. Poor adjustment: Hellraiser prop,” you know that this is going to be one of the best Unnecessary Inventions right from the get-go. To be fair, I don’t think any sane person would willingly put the Jiffyflosser into their mouth. Maybe someone who liked pain, but, it’s definitely not for the squeamish.

The whole device reminds me of when my orthodontist took impressions of my teeth. I’d much prefer that gross mushy stuff than floss stabbing into my gums all at the same time. Even the video calls it a cursed object, so WE know the company know it’s awful.

Not to mention, not everyone’s teeth are evenly spaced like that. You’d also need to replace the floss every time you used it to keep it sanitary. But hey, I suppose someone somewhere might really dig this invention.

Right up into their gums until they bleed.

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