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Meet “Lewdle,” “Worlde” for the Naughty!

While you wait for tomorrow’s “Wordle,” you can test your vocabulary’s crassness with “Lewdle!” From “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Book of Eli” writer (and also Animal Talkingcreator) Gary Whitta comes the filthy cousin to the wholesome “Wordle”. 

If you’re unfamiliar with “Worlde” it’s a web based word game. Each day there’s one (and only one) “common” five letter word released. You only get 6 guesses to figure it out. The game will highlight if a letter is in the word, or in the correct spot.  

It went much more viral when it added the ability to share results on social media. There’s a good chance you’ve actually seen people posting about their progress. People have taken to posting their guesses in the form of emoji cubes. Gray squares represent incorrect letters, yellow represent correct letters but in the wrong spot. Finally, green squares represent correct letters in the correct spot.

1 of 1,316

You can read about the wholesome and adorable origins of the sensation in the New York Times. Creator Josh Wardle’s game has already been ripped off multiple times. Some of which are charging for a “pro” version.

“Lewdle” isn’t even the first dirty spin-off. However it does most closely match the original concept. It is also limited to only one word per day, and free of charge. “Sweardle” which came out first resets every time you refresh, and where’s the fun in that? 

“Lewdle” comes from Whitta, Adam Nickerson, Leah Whitta, and some unnamed collaborators. They hope Wardle is flattered by their take on the concept. You can play now for free at!

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