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Confused Onlookers Catch Video of Reverse-Truck Mod in the Wild

Apparently there is a trend with some people who will modify their trucks so that it appears they’re driving backwards when they’re not. Moders will take the entire body and rebuild the inside, seats, engine, gears- everything- so they face the bed of the truck. To me that’s absolutely insane, and if I came across it on the freeway, I would be seriously confused. But it’s been a trend for a few years at this point. One person was pulled over 22 times in the first year since he built it.

A car full of people understandably get excited about seeing this weird build in the wild. One passenger said they’d seen trucks like that before but not in person. The other was surprised these even existed. I think we’re all a little surprised the first time you see a reverse-truck mod.

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Here’s another modded truck doing burnouts, with a similar reverse build. The owner entered a burnout contest at Cleetus and Cars.

The “I love Meth” bumper sticker is a nice touch, but kinda scary at the same time.

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