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5 Things You Can Do With A Proxy

We live in the age of the internet and most people around the world spend a significant amount of time online every day. When browsing, some people take their privacy and security very seriously, even to the point where they use a proxy server that keeps their identity hidden and protects them from certain threats that you automatically become vulnerable to when using the internet. However, when deciding on investing in one, you should always look for the top proxy services. You don’t want to end up wasting your money on the wrong proxy provider but choosing a high level of service. If you are a frequent internet user and are unfamiliar with proxies and their function, this article will dive into 5 things that you can do with one.

Access blocked content

Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where a website or service has been blocked by your internet provider, employer, or the government. Luckily you can use a proxy to access blocked content and browse the web anonymously. Many free web proxies provide these services and to find them, simply search “proxy sites” in your search engine. These proxies allow you to easily access blocked sites by just going to the website and entering the URL of the site you want to have access to. When you browse on a website using a proxy, you are not connected to the website but to the proxy server which is the one connected to the real website. You will see a cached version of the website that is provided by the proxy. You are also able to surf the dark web using a proxy. 

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Surf anonymously 

Many sites, including social media sites, access, track and share our data which has many people wanting to use the internet with more privacy. If you want to browse anonymously and be completely under the radar while using the internet, you can use proxies. These act as an internet personality concealer that masks your presence on the internet by requesting access on your behalf without exposing your IP address. This eliminates your IP address from the exchange making you anonymous. Although there are many free proxies online, it is recommended that you do not use them. 

Hide your IP address

Another function of a proxy is to hide your IP address which is a set of numbers that is personalized and unique to the internet network that you are using. Through the IP address, servers can send you data and provide adequate responses. With a proxy, browsers are rerouted around content filters that hide your IP address. Through technological innovation, there are now sophisticated peer-to-peer networks that work to hide your identity and still get you all the information that you require. Make sure you choose an ethical proxy because the wrong one can slow the internet connection and is generally unsafe. 

Protect your privacy at public Wi-Fi hotspots 

Public Wi-Fi hotspots carry massive risks and invite third parties to access your device and data which compromises your security. Proxies hide your IP address and your internet traffic gets encrypted which results in nobody being able to interfere via public Wi-Fi. A good and reliable proxy will secure your connection and take you off the radar of third parties. This is an additional layer of security that you should welcome.

Hide your browsing history from other people on the same network

When you are browsing, you want privacy and for people to not know what you are browsing. With a proxy, you receive a filter on your web which acts as an intermittent between you and the internet. Your IP address remains a secret which means that nobody can reach any of your sensitive and important data, including those on the same network as you. 

These days, more than ever, personal privacy is very important. When you’re browsing the internet, you are giving away access to your personal data which includes what you search on the internet and even transactions that you make. The internet is also a big open space that puts you in a vulnerable position against hackers and scammers looking to take advantage of people. To enhance your internet experience, definitely invest in a proxy. This conceals your identity, search history, and private data so that you can access the web anonymously.

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