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Hacks For Students: How To Pass Exams Without Studying

Exams is a word that throws students into a cold sweat, especially if they have not prepared for the exam at least once. We do not condemn anyone, the author of this article himself a couple of times came to the exam without any preparation, so the advice will be from a knowledgeable person. Realistically pass the exams at the institute without preparing for them?

Silence – the student’s worst enemy

Silence is golden, but not at the exam.

You need to talk, not necessarily on the subject matter, but at least on the subject. You may know something. Surely you must have heard something, probably read something, or even written in a notebook. A couple of hours before the exam it does not hurt to run through a textbook, and even better from the notes, and it’s not even necessary that the notes were specifically yours.

Also, it will be a good help if you try to learn at least one question. Yes, sometimes even one question may be enough, and then, as in the good old movie, all come down to this subject. Often in the examination tickets, topics are closely intertwined with each other, and starting to explain one thing you can logically come to what you need. If it’s a hard subject like biology, you could prepare this question by using biology homework help or asking groupmates or teachers. 

If you have time for more, you can even learn several topics, which will increase your chances of successfully passing the exam several times over. You can already start dreaming not of a C, but even a B! The main thing is to speak and do it confidently so that even the teacher himself believes you know everything!

Keep all notes at hand

You should always bring your lectures to the exam, not even necessarily your own. In some subjects the instructor allows you to prepare on their basis, in others, you can neatly peek into them. In most cases, if the teacher understands everything, he allows students to cheat a little. The main thing is not to be cheeky.

The growing truth: “if the student knows where to look for the answer to a question, it means that he at least read and prepared for it”.

The presence of recorded lectures increases your authority in the eyes of the teacher. Seeing them in his hands, he may begin to treat you more indulgently, and their absence, on the contrary, can include antipathy to the student.

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Cribs are timeless classics

Cribs or “spurs” are a perennial lifeline for all students from inveterate truants to nervous nerds. They not only help with the exam itself but also train your memory. A self-made cheat sheet will also leave a piece of knowledge in your head. Talking to teachers after graduation, I was told that they are very loyal to the “cribs”, the main thing that students make themselves. If a student is not impudent and accurately uses a cheat sheet during an exam, the teachers usually look past it.

But technology develops and students rarely come with papers in their pockets anymore because everything is in their phone or player. There are even micro-headphones. On the one hand, with the development of technology, copying became easier, now you don’t need to look for a single one among dozens of different cribs. On the other hand, smartphones are much bigger than small pieces of paper, it is harder to hide them, and it is not so easy to use them during exams. Some students come to the exam with several smartphones, so that they can pass one and cheat from the other. And someone records the answer to each question separately through a smartphone voice recorder, and then listens to the correct answer during the exam, with the palm of his hand covering his ear with a wireless earpiece.

There are plenty of options for using modern cribs, but remember that nothing can replace the good old handwritten paper classics! With passing, the exam is much easier.

A friend will not leave in trouble

Common misfortune often brings people together. At the exam, every student is a friend and brother to his neighbor. Unless there is some obvious animosity between you, help will surely come if you ask politely. Perhaps your neighbor will have a cheat sheet for the question you need, or maybe you will have the same question and will let you copy it off. But this principle only works if you help yourself if your “exam friend” asks for help. If you turn your back on the one in need in a difficult moment, the karmic boomerang will catch up with you at the most inopportune moment. Plus it will spoil the opinion of you in the ranks of your classmates, which is also quite unpleasant.

Pity can help

Another way, tried and tested over the years, is to feel sorry for you. How can you deny a “C” to such a poor and unhappy student who has had so much to deal with? During exams and exams in general, you can put pressure on a variety of emotional aspects:

  • Pretending you don’t feel well (dizzy, nauseous, weak). Girls can add shaking their hands and asking for a glass of water to take a sedative pill.
  • You can always tell a touching and heartbreaking story of how you tried your best to prepare for the exam, but something constantly distracted you and failed. Don’t forget to add how hurt and ashamed you feel about it.
  • Respond loudly, brightly with pomp to all your mistakes, even the smallest typos. This will emphasize not only your emotional instability but also the importance of the subject to you, which will amuse the teacher’s ego.
  • Pregnant female students – this option has worked for many years without fail! It is enough just to show the first signs of feeling unwell, and the teacher (especially a man) will immediately do everything possible to hurry to let you go.

Yes, the method is not the most beautiful, but for the most extreme case may work. And this option will not pass if the student has no artistic skills and charisma. If you are going to lie, then do it well!

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