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Step By Step Paint By Number Guide To Help You Learn More About Painting

Are you new to the painting world and want to try the custom paint by number kit to start your hobby? Well, then you are precisely in the right place. Don’t know how to start painting on your custom paint by number kit? Just sit back and leave all your concerns to us. We got your back!

We will help you learn more about the paint by number technique and answer all your questions to help you learn how to start painting on a numbers canvas. This article is a complete step-by-step guide on starting with your new paint by number kit.

So, let’s start!

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What should you do before unboxing your personalized paint by numbers kit?

If you are new to the painting world, you might not be aware of the basics. And, we will help you by telling you the basics of painting, which will help you paint adequately.

  1. Find a room where you feel comfortable.
    The essential factor is finding a room full of light and where you feel comfortable. In other words, you have to be all alone while painting on your paint by number canvas as it helps you think about creative ideas, and the light in the room will help you choose the better combination of the colors.

    If you are new to this painting hobby, this factor will help you paint your paint by number kit more creatively.
  2. Get in a comfortable position.
    Before you start painting, you should always find a comfortable position to sit. A desk or a table will do just fine, as you might know. The painting takes a lot of effort and hours, and standing for hours could give you neck and back pain. So, ensure to be in a comfortable position while painting.
  3. Make sure you remove anything from the place you hang your canvas on.
    Painting is a mess, and the paints you use will be dripping all over the place, which means anything placed near you will be ruined. Thus, it would be best to be careful to remove anything placed near the canvas.
  4. Get a few paper towels along with a cup of water.
    You have to keep your painting brushes wet all the time. Therefore, a cup of water is necessary. However, we suggest you use one color at a time to paint effectively. And, to keep your painting brush wet throughout the painting, dip the top of the brush in a cup of water and dry off the excess water with the help of a paper towel to avoid the mess.

Above mentioned are some factors that you have to be careful about before you unbox your custom paint by number kit and start with it.

Preparing the canvas

To prepare your paint by numbers canvas, you need gesso if you are not using acrylic paints and prefer the oil paint. The gesso makes the canvas more absorbent, making it easier for you to paint on it without making a mess.

Moreover, using the gesso also prevents the smudging of colors that could potentially occur while painting on a custom paint by number canvas. But, always ensure you use the clear gesso. There are two types of gessos; a clear one and a white one. The clear one is way more effective than the white one.

Is using gesso necessary?

Using the gesso on your paint by numbers canvas is not really necessary and is optional. But, as it helps you paint adequately and makes the canvas more absorbent, it would be best to use it. 

How to remove creases and wrinkles from the canvas?

Once you are done unboxing the paint by numbers kit, you will observe that the canvas is all creased up and wrinkly, which is a hurdle for you. But, you don’t need to worry about it as you could actually fix it in just a few minutes.

Yes, you heard it right. You can easily remove the wrinkles and creases from the canvas by ironing the canvas. But, you have to be careful while ironing it as the high temperature of the iron could burn the canvas. Ensure the iron is set on low, and you don’t press it too hard on the canvas.

Should you stretch the canvas before start painting?

Are you concerned about whether you should stretch the canvas before painting or after? Well, you should definitely do it before painting as it will help you paint in a better way.

However, stretching a paint by number canvas could be a little hectic than stretching a standard one as you have to line up the border with the frame to stretch the canvas entirely. You might be going to fail a few times, but it is definitely possible. 

Once you learn the technique, then it’s going to be easy for you to stretch it. Just line up the borders with the frame, and you are good to go!

What paint to use: Acrylic or oil paint?

Are you confused about what paint you should use to start painting? Well, there is a vast difference between Acrylic paint and oil paint. Both are great at their pace, but if you ask us, we will suggest you use acrylic paints.

As a beginner, acrylic paints will work more effectively for you as they dry quicker than oil paint. Moreover, acrylic paints are more absorbent than oil paints, which helps cut down the risks of smudging while painting on a canvas.

Final words

If you are a learner and don’t know much about painting, the following article will be an excellent read. This article has all the info you require to start painting on a personalized paint by number kit. Moreover, if you need a custom paint by number kit but couldn’t find any place, you should assuredly get it from Personalize Everything – it’s the perfect stop for the paint by numbers kit.

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