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Enjoy This Cozy Calcifer Yule Log Courtesy of HBO Max

If you love Studio Ghibli, and want to put something special on this year for the folks at home, you should check out HBO Max’s new yule log! They’ve created one based on Calcifer, the character who keeps Howl’s castle moving along. This is also a nice treat for those who live in apartments with no fireplace, just set the heater on and enjoy the warm glow of our buddy Calcifer. You can also pair it with a Ghibli movie music background.

The Calcifer Yule Log runs for 30 minute,s and can be found in the Studio Ghibli Hub in HBO Max‘s menu.

Screenclip of HBO Max’s Calcifer Yule Log
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If you haven’t already subscribed to HBO Max you may want to check it out. Not only do they have a ton of Studio Ghibli, but they also have “The Matrix: Resurrections!”

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