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We Need It: LEGO Ideas “MythBusters” Set

LEGO Ideas is the gift that keeps on giving, this time we’re highlighting a bricktastic version of “MythBusters.” With minifigs of hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hynemen, as well as Build Team Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and the late great Grant Imahara. Last but not least, a minifig of silent star of the show, crash test dummy Buster. 

The LEGO MythBusters set, proposed by user ryansevel, will feature television’s favorite mystery debunkers. If made, it would center around their headquarters of M5 Industries. Eagle-eyed builders can spot tributes to some of their most famous episodes including according to the LEGO Ideas description: the Pirate Special, the Chicken Gun, Splitting an Arrow, Paper armor, Coke and Mentos, The “Star Wars” Special, and Archimedes’ Death Ray.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hynemen as LEGO minifigs in ryansevel’s LEGO Ideas Mythbusters set

The main myth featured in the build is Rocket Man,which set out to test the first claimed manned rocket flight. Lagâri Hasan Çelebi supposedly took flight in 1633 using 140lbs of gunpowder. Spoiler alert: “MythBusters” deemed the myth busted. That doesn’t mean it still can’t be fodder for a sweet LEGO set. The set would include a miniature rocket, affixed stud shooter, and large rocket sled. The HQ itself also features modular pieces and doors as well as LEGO studio cameras.

1 of 1,121
Grant Imahara as a LEGO minifig in ryansevel’s LEGO Ideas Mythbusters set

In an additional touching tribute, the set includes two robotic odes to Imahara, who passed away in 2020. First is his Battlebot, the hammer wielding Deathblow. Also included are the pieces to create Grant’s sword swinging robot. [Editor’s note: wonder if we could figure out how to also build a Geoff Peterson addition.]

As a reminder LEGO Ideas projects post their designs and users support various designs. Garner enough support and your set may just make it into production. Once a project reaches 10,000 supporters it will go to a LEGO Review.

We’d love to see a few more details on how many pieces the LEGO Ideas MythBusters set would be, but overall we love the touchingly detailed tribute to “MythBusters.”

Update: Thanks to a message from the set creator we are pleased to say the build is a healthy 1115 pieces and there’s room for Geoff Peterson!

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