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How to Write a Business Administration Thesis

Do you have to write your business administration thesis and don’t know where to start? In this post, we are going to show you the keys to finishing your project in record time.

First of all, it usually happens that as we get closer to the dreaded thesis, the vital questions begin. Those to which you will need an answer to advance safely in this last stage of your career. What topic am I going to choose? Who is going to be my tutor? Where am I going to find a bibliography? And yes, all this is a new scenario within the academic routine you were used to, so you will have to prepare yourself for a new learning process. 

The thesis, also known as final project or final degree work, is not an obstacle in your way. This should be your first thought every morning to integrate and accept that once you start your project you will have to dedicate a prudent amount of time to it every day. If you have other papers to write besides that, you can ask professionals to “write my essay” and devote all your time to the thesis.

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8 keys to writing your business administration thesis

Choose a good topic for your thesis

A mega decisive factor to make your business administration thesis successful. That’s right, choosing a good research topic will be very important to reach your goal as a researcher. First of all, because it must be able to motivate you enough to devote a reasonable amount of time to it every day. In addition, it should be properly limited so that we can reach the goal at the right time. 

Planning is the key to writing your thesis

It is essential that when you start your research you can organize all the tasks and activities to follow. For example: search for material, conduct interviews, read the bibliography, look for background information, etc.

Searching for information

The sources of information will be the mainstay of your research, so it is key to focus all your efforts on finding quality material for the thesis. 

It is essential to search for material and this process should not be underestimated. You must carefully select and categorize the material.

Make an outline

Outlines are intended to generate a relationship between topic and topic. This way you will have a very clear visual sample of all the content to be organized. You will also be able to focus on the key concepts and establish priorities. In this way, your time will be more efficient and you will be able to achieve results faster.

In the outline you make it is important to include the justification of the topic of your thesis, the research question, the theoretical framework, the objectives, and the hypotheses proposed in your project. 

Share with fellow students

Whether you have chosen to do your Educational Psychology thesis alone or in a group, in either case, we recommend that you have instances where you exchange ideas with fellow students. Even if you are each researching different topics, it can end up being very motivating to study together.

Choose a good place to do the thesis

Although it may seem a minor detail, it is very important that you choose your study place carefully and that it is always the same. Of course, you can change your environment, but keep in mind that it will end up decreasing your productivity. 

If you are constantly changing your workplace, your productivity will decrease considerably. The place has to be quiet and comfortable for you.

Turn off your cell phone

Did you know that there are applications to avoid being distracted by Instagram or WhatsApp while you study? This point is key, stay away from TikTok, Twitter, and the social networks you use. However, you can stay with Spotify or Youtube because a good playlist can motivate you to study. 

If you don’t want to turn off your cell phone, at least mute the notifications, we call this trick “doing your thesis without distractions”. You will finish your project faster if you concentrate on your paper. 

Set deadlines

It is essential to determine how long you are going to do the thesis in since the elaboration of a project of this nature can stretch indefinitely. One tip is that you can set short-term goals to give your tutor a head start on the project. Keep in mind that the back and forth with your tutor may be delayed, so deliveries must be constant. It’s important to meet your deadline.

Consult with your mentor

The link with your tutor will be fundamental for your project to go in the right direction. The success of your business administration thesis will depend on whether you follow their recommendations and make the necessary corrections. Pay attention to their comments and let them know that you are very interested in your thesis.

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