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“The Muppets” Spread Holiday Cheer with “Carol of the Bells”

I’m going to start off by saying that this video is EXACTLY the way I sing this song in my head. Sure I learned it once in choir but I was an alto so my part basically existed of Ding Dongs (unfortunately not the ones you eat.) It’s nice to see Animal taking on the part of the song that I got to sing in high school.

The Muppets stars Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal do their very best to sing us the song “Carol of the Bells.” As the song goes on, Animal starts to lose composure and brings in bigger and bigger bells. We all know that he has unfathomable energy and is usually on the drums. He must be going crazy having to be so mellow for the tune.

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You can watch “The Muppets” on Disney+.

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