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Keanu Reeves Explains “The Matrix” To Teenagers

One of the hardest things that I’ve experienced with kids is the generation gap in movies. For instance I tried to get my daughter to watch “Jingle All The Way“, and explain to her that before internet shopping, the holidays were actually kind of like that. She didn’t really get it and didn’t really care to. But in Keanu Reeve‘s experience talking to kids (teens) about “The Matrix” is much more easily understood. And he gets excited when they come back to him with unexpected philosophies.

The Verge shared a video which singled out the story Keanu told. He was eating dinner at his friend’s house with his children-who are all teenagers- when he had this conversation. In the clip, he explains to them what “The Matrix” is about and how it’s about finding out your reality isn’t ‘real’.

When one of the teens says that they wouldn’t care if their reality was real he gets excited. It’s a very interesting take to go against the premise of the film. And one that is a view that is probably more accepted by kids today. If it’s real to you and you’re making real connections with people, does it really matter if it’s physical or virtual?

The Matrix Resurrections” hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22nd, 2021.

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You can watch the entire interview with he and Carrie-Anne Moss on making “The Matrix Awakens” with Epic Games below.

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